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The Sagnarigu Municipal Chief Executive(MCE), Mariam Iddrisu, has disclosed that 20 dams were awarded for construction in the Municipality.

According to her, they are intended to serve multiple purposes such as domestic use, animal watering and farm irrigation.

She revealed that out of this number, the construction of 17 of dams have begun and are at various levels of completion.

The beneficiary communities are Dungu; Kpane; Sanga; Garizegu; Datalung; Kukpehi; Ngarun; Dugushegu.

The rest include Fuo; Nanton-Kpawumo, Kanvili-Kpawumo, Tuunayili; Wovoguma, Kulaa, Gbalahi, Kpuntariga, Gbanyamni.

According to her, contractors for the on-going projects will soon come back to site to complete works after the rainy season.

During the meet the press session of the Sagnarigu Municipality, the MCE said a total of 458 youth comprising of 405 males and 53 females have been engaged to work in various stages of land preparations, nurturing of seedlings, forest guarding, supervision.

She indicated that the selection of beneficiaries was done out of 14 zones across the Municipality, and so far 15, 416 tree seedlings have been planted in 17 communities.

At the Municipality level, 1,853 personnel are benefitting from Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) in seven models i.e. Revenue Ghana; Digitize Ghana; Feed Ghana; Civic Ghana; Enterprise Ghana; Educate Ghana; and Heal Ghana.

Youth Employment Agency (YEA) in the Sagnarigu Municipality have engaged a total of 128 youth since 2017 in three modules namely youth in sports, community protection personnel and Arabic Instructors.

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