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Some Chokosis (Anufors) living at Chamba, a village in the Bimbila constituency in the Northern region have fled their settlement following attacks on their properties in the early hours of Friday May 24 2019.

The residents are fleeing for their lives following recent clashes between Konkomba – Chokosis in far Chereponi district.

Attackers suspected to be rampaging Konkombas targeted the minority Chokosis in the village at about 12am, and burnt three houses and at least a big barn housing thousands of yam tubers.

It is yet to be confirmed the motive for the attack and those responsible, but one of the victims, Sulemana Alidu, said he believed the incident could be linked to the ongoing conflict in Chereponi.

One of the residents who gave his name as Alidu said, the attackers were believed to be armed with petrol and machetes burning properties belonging to only Anufors.

He narrated saying “around 11 to 12am when my wife came shouting that my yam barn was on fire, so I got out and also started shouting repeatedly until neighbours gathered to help put out the blaze. Few moment later, one of my brothers house was also on fire and we moved to quench it”.

He added that there were signals before the actual incident indicating that some Konkombas were planning to attack them and also rejected claim the incident was a theft attempt.

“I heard the Konkomba Youth Chairman saying someone wanted to steal my yam. But after they burnt my house, they moved more than five houses before burning my brother’s – so why didn’t they burn those houses? Some of the Konkombas are aware and we Chokosis are now leaving in fear”.

Many Chokosis continue to flee to neighboring East Gonja municipality for safety. Alidu confirmed the movement of Chokosis from the area, saying: “All Chokosis here have left to Salaga. I’m here with only my brother. We are putting my things together to join them because of what happens yesterday, so that later when things are normal we will come back”.

The incident compelled the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Nanumba North, Abdulai Yaqoob, to lead a delegation of the area’s Security Executive Council to visit the scenes at the village.

Yaqoob after meeting with community stakeholders including, the chief of Chamaba, told Starr News the situation was under control and that an investigation has been initiated to arrest the perpetrators and establish their motive.

Violence between the two tribes has escalated since last week Saturday. The clashes which renewed at Chereponi has spread to Saboba, Yunyoo and Bunkprugu districts.

More than 30 people are believed to have been killed and dozens of properties destroyed.

Two persons have been jailed out of 16 arrested for their roles in the violence

source: ghanaweb.com