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Chiefs in the Chereponi District of the Northern say although they welcome the creation of new regions by the government, they will resist any attempt to add them to the North East Region.

According to them, they will lose loyalty to the Dagbon tribe if they are joined to the North East Region.

At a press conference Friday, they explained that their loyalty will be shifted to the people of Mamprusi ethnic group if they are carved into the North East Region.

Joy News' Hashmin Mohammed reported that the Dagbon Traditional Council issued a statement earlier this year stating they welcome the creation of new regions, but will not cede their lands to any other traditional council under any circumstances.

According to the reporter, the Dagbon Traditional Council petitioned the committee for the creation of new regions; stating the reasons why they don’t want to join the North East Region.

The committee has since not responded to their petition, the chiefs say.

The chiefs are also accusing some government officials who they say are conspiring to have the Dagbon Traditional Council lose its lands. In other parts of the country, the same sentiments have sprung up.

The paramount chief of Hohoe in the Volta Region, Togbega Gabusu VI told the media that although he welcomes the creation of new regions but his traditional area shouldn’t be touched.

According to him, creating a new region means more development to the northern part of the Volta Region which is behind in development, but it must be done well in order not to bring division among the people.

"We are happy about the creation of the region but we don't want the Hohoe and Gbi traditional areas to be split in the process,” he said.

Also, another group in the southern part of the Volta Region is fiercely resisting a split of the region.

They have held a lot of walks to protest against the move saying that they are one people and must not be ‘divided’.