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Aviation Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda has described a decision to sink resources into clearing a site in Anateem-Sumbrungu, a suburb of Bolgatanga Municipality for the purpose of constructing an airport, as financial loss to the state.

The site, which was cleared in the early 90’s remained abandoned and has become a site for grazing by animals.

The proposed airport which has a runway of 120 meters width and a length of 3.5 kilometers has been abandoned.

Suggestions of a relocation of the yet to be constructed airport has generated apprehension and objections by members of the community.

Though it is unclear where the airport will be finally situated, Aviation Minister, Kofi Adda, has suggested that the Paga Airstrip is the most suitable for the project.

He argued that the Paga Airstrip, since time immemorial, has proven to be appropriate for the intended purpose of an Airport.

“The Airstrip in Navrongo was built in 1942. It was built strategically to support the colonial government at the time to be able to fly military men there to ward off the Germans if they were coming down the Sahara desert to take off French colonies in the Western African area. So that airport has been there since 1942. It is 1,500 meters long and 25 metres wide. Its been there and it’s been used from that time on”, he said on Bolgatanga based A1 Radio monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

He argued that large aircrafts have landed using the Airstrip in the past.

According to him, resources that were made available to fix the airstrip was sunk in clearing a new site in Sumbrungu.

“It's sad that monies that were available at the Regional administration just to tarre the top, it was decided in 1999 to relocate it and start something new. That geographical area was not best suited at the time. It should be called financial loss” he added.

Mr Adda revealed he had spoken to the President of Burkina Faso who had indicated his approval for the Paga Airstrip to be developed into an Airport contrary to claims that the Burkina authorities have objected to the development.