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Food prices have gone up in the Upper West Region and the trend is projected to continue, as the region inches towards the cropping season. A market survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) showed that a bowl of millet at the Wa market, which sold at GHS6.00, same period, last year, is now going for GHS7.50.

That of maize had marginally shot up to GHS3.50 from GHS3.00. A bowl of rice sells at GHS10.00 as against the previous year’s price of GHS8.50 with soya bean being sold at GHS7.00, an increase of two cedis.

Groundnut is now bought at GHS10.00 – two cedis more than it was sold, last year.

Food sellers and buyers, who spoke to the GNA, said high transport charges were largely responsible for the price hike.

Madam Aminta Malik, a trader, said she did not see the prices dropping any time soon as the rains set in and the planting season edges closer.

Another trader, Madam Khadija Zakariya, called for the managers of the economy to focus more effort on tackling fuel price increases.

It should not be lost on anybody the ripple effect of fuel price increase on the price of goods and services, she added.