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A day after the Ministry of the Interior imposed a stiffer curfew on the Bawku Municipality and its environs, residents are lamenting that the 16-hour long curfew was too harsh and inhumane.

The Interior Ministry, last Monday, reviewed the earlier curfew hours of 5pm to 6am, to 8pm to 5am following recommendations from the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) that, the situation at Bawku had improved.
Unfortunately, the killing of two residents of Bawku last Tuesday compelled the ministry to impose a stiffer curfew on the volatile Municipality, thus the lamentations by its residents.

The names of the murdered persons were given as, Lawali Mutala – 44, and a Hausa by tribe, and son of the chief butcher at Bawku, and Sulemana Moro - 30 a Moshie.

The residents claimed that with the unfavourable weather conditions in the whole of the Upper East Region, believed to be the hottest region in the country, coupled with looming CSM, the ministry should have given the curfew a more humane face, by maintaining the earlier curfew hours of 5pm to 6am.

A section of the residents, including a national service personnel, who spoke to this paper in a telephone interview, voiced out their ordeal. They said staying in-doors from 3pm to 7am was like living in hell.

They cannot go out to do anything to make a living, because a little delay could cost them their lives, since the security personnel have vowed to deal ruthlessly with anybody who violates the curfew regulations.

One of them, who pleaded anonymity, remarked, “Though I don’t belong to any of these two major tribes (Kusasis and Mamprusis), I am also going through this same ordeal, because they have all refused to behave themselves.”

When the Bawku Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Mr. Abanga Abdulai, was reached for comments, he confirmed that the people were highly perturbed about the 16-hour curfew.

But he categorically stated that the people were having a responsibility to protect their own lives and properties, hence they must cooperate with the security agencies to carry out that responsibility.

Mr. Abanga urged his people to exercise maximum restraint, until the situation improved considerably, before the curfew hours could be considered for a review.

The Upper East Regional Crime Officer of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent of Police, Mr. James Agbetoryon, said three rooms, belonging to a Fulani man, were burnt down, while Sankara House, a rented house for police personnel was also attacked.

He said but for timely intervention of the police, and the military, the civilians would have razed down the house.

Mr. Agbetoryon disclosed that two persons were arrested last week, in connection with two murder cases at Bawku.

Adam Salifu, alias Basabasa, was arrested by the Bawku police on March 6, while Mohammed Adam, alias Soldier, was arrested in Tamale, and brought to Bolgatanga.

The two are in Navrongo prison custody.

source: Ghanaian Chronicle