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The Savannah regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked the government to build an isolation centre in the region in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the party, the region is home to many tourist sites, hence likely to attract the disease.

A statement issued by Malik Basintale, Communication Officer of the NDC in the region said the NDC expresses “it's disappointment in the slow pace at which the government under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo has handled the provision of test and isolation centres at regional levels meant to manage the wide spread of the corona virus since the crisis touched base in Ghana.

“Upon declaration of the deadly pandemic in Ghana and the establishment of test and isolation centres, we find the northern territories of the country completely neglected even as we stand more vulnerable due to our very porous borders, tourist sites and the constant international visits to them.”

The statement added: “The Savannah region being home to some of the most visited tourist sites by foreigners such as, the Mole park, the Larabanga Mosque, the Mystery stone, the Salaga slave market among others, have recorded international visitors since the past weeks even when the Corona Virus was declared a pandemic and period of manifestation taking up to fourteen (14 days).

“This situation leaves us in panic, despair and absolute despondency as we still do not have a clear roadmap towards testing and quarantining any suspected case should any show up in our region.

“Upon an attempt to respond to the directive by our flagbearer H.E John Mahama, requesting all former appointees and party faithfuls to step in and help the government, we realised that no public education on sensitising settlements even close to these tourist sites have been done, hospitals, clinics and CHP compounds have still not received the necessary logistics from the government towards protecting the lives of indigenes.

“Our border guards, tour guards, health workers, indigenes are desperate in guaranteeing their safety at the clear glimpse of the incurable pandemic as we are being abandoned by the government despite the huge sums made as revenue from these tourist sites over the period.

“We solidify the passionate stance of H.E John Dramani Mahama by calling on President Akufo-Addo to as a matter of urgency provide the already built health facilities in the Savannah region with logistics, a test and isolation centre to help manage the spread of the virus as we stand exposed to threats.”

source: ghanaweb.com