Toilet Engineers and Sanitation Service Limited (TESS) as part of its efforts to improve sanitation for residents in the Upper West Region, has started constructing individual household latrines projected to cost GHC1,300.00 and GH¢2,500.00 per one.

The project, seeks to apply macro and micro bio digester toilet facilities to end open defecation and improve sanitation conditions in the Region where it is estimated that hundreds of people practice open defecation due to non-availability of household toilets.

The Macro bio gas digester contains an upper floor where solid particles of faeces are kept for digestion and a lower floor where flashed water and liquid parts of faeces are collected.

While the micro bio gas digester toilet also has upper and lower floors but this type of facility requires small amount of water for flashing. It contains a valve or lever, which closes the manhole and collects faeces after defecation.

Users only need to press the valve to open for faeces to drop and the flashing water washes the valve to keep it neat.

Mr Inusah Agambire, an Environmental Health Science Practitioner and Proprietor of TESS, said many households in Wa had been complaining of inadequate space and waterlogged areas as obstacles for latrine construction.

“But the micro and macro bio gas digester toilet facilities are the means of overcoming these obstacles,” he said.