All the 18 tutors of the Bolgatanga Nursing Training College are demanding that the principal of the college, Baba Awalu, steps down to pave way for investigations into his mismanagement, and misappropriation of funds belonging to the school.

They have accused Mr Awalu of breaching procurement laws and neglecting the plight of tutors and students, which has become a disincentive for teaching and learning.

The tutors on Tuesday, 10 October 2017 locked the principal’s office and insisted it will remain locked until Mr Awalu steps down, or authorities conduct investigations into his activities.

A senior tutor, Edward Atim, speaking to Class News’ regional correspondent, William Jalula, said: “We’ve taken the decision because we have written a letter to the acting head of nursing training institution, informing him about certain irregularities taking place in the institution and certain things that the school is lacking.

“For example, we talked about the fact that procurement procedures are not being followed, we talked about inadequate facilities such as toilet facilities for the students, inadequate classrooms and dormitories.
Currently if you go to the classrooms, you’ll notice that there are no lights for the students to study in the night, and there are other things he’s doing that we are not happy about".

“Tutors have carried out some activities that require some allowances, but those allowances haven’t been paid since March, and we think that it doesn’t motivate teachers to work. It is not only tutors, but clinicians are involved, and they have also shown apathy to our clinician work. Anytime we invite them to participate in our activities, they show apathy, they are not prepared to come and assist us and that is why we are drawing the attention of the authorities that, until they come to our aid, this office will be locked until such a time that the investigations will be over.”