The Northern Regional Minister has commended the Cuban Medical Brigade in the Northern Region for their untiring services in the field of medical care.

Mr. Stephen Sumani Nayina said the patients in the region would have been in a sorrow state without the services provided by Cuban doctors, because of the constant industrial actions embarked by Ghanaian doctors and nurses for better conditions of service.

Mr. Nayina said this during an interaction with the Cuban Medical Brigade in Tamale on Saturday, at their monthly meeting, to deliberate on their welfare and how they would help augment the personnel in the various hospitals in the region.

He said the situation in Northern Region was one doctor to about 800 patients and stressed the importance of the presence of the Cuban doctors, which the government would continue to recognize and strengthen in terms of the Cuban-Ghana relations.

Mr. Nayina further commended the doctors for their acceptance and willingness to stay and work in rural areas of the region, which Ghanaian doctors shy away from, even though they were trained with the tax payers’ money.

The Minister deplored the attitude of some Ghanaian doctors who continued to charge illegal fees at the various health centres, and cautioned that government would deal drastically with persons who were found doing so.

Dr Emilio Sotomayou, Head of the Cuban Doctors’ Brigade in the Northern Region, expressed gratitude to the Minister for having their interest at heart, and gave the assurance that they would do their best to give the needed health care delivery to the people.