Dagbon Net Personality of the Year is awarded to those who have in the past calendar year dedicated their time to the development of Dagbon and Greater Dagbon (Dagbon, Mampruggu, and Nanun).


Dagbon Net Personality of the Year is awarded to those who have in the past calendar year dedicated their time to the development of Dagbon and Greater Dagbon (Dagbon, Mampruggu, and Nanun).


Year 2002

yanaa yakubu1The Late Ya Naa Yakubu Anadani II, the King of Dagbon in the Northern Region of Ghana is hereby voted Dagbon-Net personality of the year 2002.

Ya Naa Yakubu Andani was regent of Yani in 1969, after the death of his father Ya Naa Andani. He did not succeed to the skins of Yani as was stipulated in Legislative Instrument 59 (LI 59). After the overthrow of the Dr. Busia's Progress Party, Andani Yili petitioned General I. K. Acheampong's National Redemption Council to deskin then Ya Naa Mahamadu. The Ollenu Committee of Inquiry was born. The committee ruled in favour of Andani Yili and Ya Naa Mahamadu Abdulai was deskinned in 1972 in favour of Ya Naa Yakubu Andani II.

For giving his life for the Kingdom of Dagbon, Ya Naa Yakubu Andani II is recognised as the personality of the Year 2002.

Year 2003

Dr. David Abdulai Fuseini of Shekinnah Clinic is hereby voted Dagbon-Net personality of the year 2003. In the times of hardships and the principle of "cash and carry" health delivery, Dr. Fuseini left the Government Hospital in Tamale and founded Shekinnah Clinic where people went for free health care. His generousity and care for the destitude and mentally ill gained him the name "Mad Doctor" in Tamale. His persistence and selfless dedication to the people of Tamale and the Northern Region gained him international acclaim and the respect of all. For his selfless dedication to the physical and mental health of the population of Northern Ghana, he is recognised as Dagbon Net Personality of the year 2003.

Year 2005

The three eminent chiefs, Nayiri, Yebun Wura, and Asantehene, for their efforts in brokering the peace that led to the final interment of the remains of Ya Naa Yakubu Andani II are hereby voted Dagbon Personalities of the Year 2005.

Year 2004

afi yakubuMiss Afi Azaratu Yakubu and FOSDA (Foundation for Security and Development in Africa ) is hereby voted Dagbon Personality of the year 2004. Miss Yakubu and FOSDA through its objective of promoting security and development, policy-oriented research, and training in Africa has organized a number of activities in Dagbon and Yendi in particular aimed at bringing peace to an embattled society in post March 2002 era.

Through its campaign against proliferation of small arms in Africa to organization of a bicycle race in Yendi and a route march of over 500 school children against armed conflict, FOSDA has consistently reminded the people of Yendi and Dagbon about the dangers of armed conflict and the need for peace as a precursor to sustainable development.

Year 2006

Zo-Simli Naa Dr. Susan J. Herlin is Dagbon Personality of the Year 2006. 

Zo-Simli Naa Dr. Herlin first visited Dagbon when she was still in University, under the auspices of a program called Crossroads Africa. She fell in love with West Africa, which led her to make her career as a professor of African History, ultimately settling at the University of Louisville. There that she got involved with Sister Cities of Louisville Inc. in 1979, when the link between Tamale and Louisville was inaugurated. She has since fallen in love with the kingdom and peoples of Dagbon. She has worked tirelessly to bring development to the people of Dagbon and has been instrumental in the institution of the Tamale Scholarship and Aid Fund; a program that has aided many children through the secondary school system and university in Ghana.

For her dedication and assistance to the peoples of Dagbon Dr. Susan Herlin was honoured with the skin of Zo-Simli Naa by the late Ya Naa Yakubu Andani III. Zo-Simli Naa continues to work tirelessly for the development of Dagbon and has made Dagbon her second home".