The poor lyrics of current crop of musicians and their mode of dressing which has become a matter of discussion and concern to the public represent the true character of such artistes according to veteran musician Mohammed Sheriff Yamusah popularly known as Doobia Sheriff

In an exclusive interview with, the winner of Reggae Song of the Year at the 2005 Ghana Music Awards disclosed that music is a tool one uses to express what is in him/ her and if the lyrics are not of quality then it simply means what the person has in him is also poor.

“If you have very poor lyrical content you bring out the same poor lyrical content. If you dress nude it means it represents exactly who you are. You are supposed to through your way of life as a musician transform society but if you choose to parade on the streets half naked or naked it means you are naked within you”, the educationist disclosed.

On whether the kind of music done these days has lost its direction, he said it is as a result of globalization that has led to the kind of music being produced but indicated that he will not do such kind of music for whatsoever reason.

“I have my audience and when I was active in music, I would not have done such”, he disclosed.