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Distribution of 15,000 laptops under the Education Ministry’s basic school computerization project is ongoing in the Northern region. The program which began in September 2011 is a government private partnership with RLG communication to equip basic schools to provide ICT education and will be executed in three stages.

The education service is focusing on the distribution for the Northern sector after which it will turn its attention to the southern sector.

Northern region correspondent, Clement Boateng visited one of the beneficiary schools, the Choggu Demonstration SHS and reported the students are happy with the laptops.

Some of them say they have not sat behind the laptops until the laptops were provided.

The students say ICT learning is no longer abstract but practical.

They are however appealing to authorities to connect them with the internet in order to facilitate research in the school

The teachers say with the laptops the students can now perform well in the ICT exams.

source: ghanadistricts.com