Authorities at the Wa Senior High Technical School in the Upper West region are currently in an emergency meeting to discuss the future of the school, after reports of mysterious deaths of students.

Two students were said to have died in what some of the students attribute to occultism. Overwhelmed by the situation, the students are asking authorities to close the school temporarily in order for investigations to go on.

Joy News\' Upper West correspondent Rafiq Salam reports the situation at the school is volatile.

\"Last [time] we lost a form one guy; just today, we lost a form three guy and as I am talking to you a girl just collapsed and has been taken to hospital. Blood is coming from her nose and we don\'t know if she will survive. We can\'t study, we can\'t sleep,\" one of the students lamented.

Given the seriousness of the issue, the school\'s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) chairman was invited to help resolve the issue and calm down the nerves of the students.

Issahako Adam in a desperate bid to calm tempers appealed to the students to remain composed, while proposing Christian prayers and Quranic recitations by Muslim students.

The students refused and chanted all night long. They were later calmed by the SRC executives after which they resorted to singing gospel songs and reciting the Quran.

The chairman later told Rafiq Salam they are putting measures in place to resolve the grievances of the students.

He said security cameras would be installed at vantage points in the school and introduce counseling sessions for the students.

He was also worried about the possibility of over exaggerating the issue saying, deaths may occur anywhere including schools.


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