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The United Nations International Children Fund (UNICEF) in collaboration with the Tolon District Education Directorate has organised the second annual reading festival for children from public basic schools in the district to inculcate the habit of reading the pupils.

The children from 20 schools comprising pupils from kindergarten (KG) and lower Primary were selected from five circuits in the Tolon district in the Northern Region participated in the two-day reading festival.

The circuits are Kasuliyili , Wantugu , Tali, Tolon and Nyankpala all presented four schools each for the festival.

UDS Basic school, Nyankpala Model, Nyankpala Nizamia E/A primary school and Nyankpala Da-awatudeen E/A primary school engaged in the final challenge to climax the festival on Thursday, July 25, 2018.

The reading festival is aimed at inculcating the habit of reading in the pupils, build their confidence and literary skills to enhance their academic performance. The Human Resource Officer of the Tolon Education Directorate, Madam Rahinatu Zakaria in a speech she read on behalf of the District Education Director, Rev. Mrs. Regina Norgah expressed her gratitude to UNICEF for the support through the provision of supplementary readers for the pupils to help enhance the academic performance of the pupils through reading.

She said UNICEF through the initiative has provided public basic schools in the district with supplementary readers to ensure that teachers do not complain of lack of readable reading materials in the schools.

“Therefore, the use of the supplementary readers during reading period is mandatory in all our schools” she added.

Rev. Mrs. Norgah said children in schools can sometimes be seen walking bare-footed to school, some without school uniforms or books and pencils and the absence of these basic things contributes to frustrate the advancement of the children so the presence of the supplementary readers in the schools were going to serve as a pull factor to attendance.

Rev. Mrs Norgah encouraged pupils to continue to cultivate frequent reading habits both in schools and at home because the reading abilities and interest of pupils in the district was improving steadily.

She urged all teachers, headteachers, cirrcuit supervisors , parents and guardians to frequently engage pupils in activities which aims at encouraging pupils to read at all times.

She expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Tolon District Education Directorate to UNICEF for supporting them out and also thanked all teachers, headteachers and circuit supervisors for putting in efforts to make the children read.


UNICEF in a brief statement to mark the occasion pledged ts continuous support to enable the district education directorate to organised the event annually to boost the confidence and literacy skills of the pupils.


Ababakari Abdul Rashid, a pupil from Nyankpala Nizamia E/A primary school said the festival has helped him to be able to read well, form words and also construct sentences.

He said he could not do all this before because he did not have the opportunity.

He added that, through constant practice of the books they gave them, his friends can also read well now.
Princess Donkor from UDS Basic School also the teachers have intensified the reading classes and it has been beneficial to all the pupils.

She added that, the readable that were given to them has also helped them to be able to teach their friends at home.

source: grahiconline.com.gh