Dagbon Net Incorporated is a non-governmental organization registered in Canada to solicit funding to undertake projects in Dagbon and Northern Ghana aimed at bringing about sustainable development. Dagbon Net also brings together people of Dagbon descent in a discussion group to discuss and develop strategies aimed at achieving the set goals of Dagbon Net.

Until now Dagbon Net embarked on projects when the need for support arose. For such project, fund raising campaigns were carried out to raise funds for the project. The project were mainly aimed at bringing about meaningful development in educational and health sectors of the society. Some of the development projects undertaken by Dagbon Net include:

Abridged History of Dagbon

The following is an abridged version of the history of Dagbon. We have tried as much as possible to present this write-up without commentary. The facts are laid bare for the reader. Some of the points raised might be disputed by one gate or another of the feuding parties to the skins of Yani. It is our objective to present the fact as we have found them. All inconsistencies and errors are those of the author. The page will continually be updated in an effort to make this write-up as impartial and as accurate as possible. All this within the limited amount of written and verifiable information on the origins and history of Dagbamba.