The Northern Regional Security Council has issued strong warnings to individuals and group of persons who want to foment trouble in the Dagbon road map to peace process to desist or face full force of the law.

According to REGSEC, they will not tolerate any acts of lawlessness that will derail the Dagbon road map to peace process.

Following the announcement of the road map by the Otumfuo led Committee of Eminent Chiefs on the Dagbon Chieftaincy Affairs, the Regional Security Council has taken a number of measures and actions to ensure the smooth implementation of the Road Map.

In a press release issued and signed by the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Saeed stated that, “We want to indicate strongly that the Security Agencies are very much alert and prepared to deal decisively with any individual or group that will attempt to create confusion over the implementation of the Road map. Any such person or group will be brought to book if they engage in any acts that will undermine the peace”.

The release added that, the Northern region cherishes peace and people desire peace to pave the way for them to improve their general living conditions and development. “The region has suffered enough in terms of its peace and security and its repercussion on development.There will be no way for any person or group to roll back the progress being made on the road map and therefore we must all cooperate for the successful march to peace.There will definitely, be a zero tolerance for any actions or utterances that will seek to forment trouble in Dagbon at this critical time”.

The Northern Regional Security Council led the Northern Regional Minister as part of the security measures to ensure a successful Dagbon road map had held several engagements with all stakeholders including Ulemas, Imams, Chiefs, Youth groups, media and among other groups to continue to pray and foster peace during, before and after the events.

The REGSEC again call on all parties involved in the Road Map (Andanis and Abudus), as well as the general public to see the announcement of the dates for the performance of the funerals and the subsequent enskinment of a New Ya Naa as a unique opportunity to restore lasting peace to Dagbon and for Dagbon to resume its rightful place as the Bastion of Tradition and Culture once again.

“We appeal for restraint, caution and circumspection in utterances and actions at this crucial time. All and sundry, must act in a manner to ensure that we keep the existing peace and improve upon it for Dagbon to restore its pride. REGSEC calls on every one to resolve to ensure that there is peace for these events to pass off smoothly. Indeed the restoration of absolute peace in Dagbon is the clarion call to all for no meaningful development can take place without peace”.

source: ghanaweb.com