In December 2016, a sod-cutting ceremony was performed by the former government led by President John Dramani Mahama for the construction of a state of the Arts market complex to replace the dilapidated Salaga market in Accra which posed a threat to traders and customers.

The reconstruction of the market was expected to have been completed by August 2017, however, not a single work has been carried out as at August 2018.

The project was supposed to have been funded by the government of Ghana at a cost of five million dollars and was expected to be managed by the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

A Ghanaian construction firm named Excellent Builders with one Said Haider as its Managing Director was awarded the contract to execute the job within 10 months after the groundbreaking ceremony, however, "no show" as at August 2018.

The contractor shortly after the sod-cutting ceremony hurriedly constructed temporary sheds for the evicted traders at a nearby London market to accommodate the traders until work was completed on the new Salaga market edifice.

The Salaga market which has an area size of about 4.74 acres has been on the street since 1996.


A team from mitsughana.com visited the project site Friday and were shocked to the bone marrow that the said project which was supposed to have been completed and handed over by end of 2017, was still fenced and the contractor was not on site and nowhere to be found.

Even temporary sheds built outside the "death trap" market which were occupied by the traders had also been closed down, forcing the hundreds of traders to take over major streets around the dilapidated market.

At the time of our visit, traders had occupied almost all sections of the surrounding streets to hawk and clamour for customers.

Traders were seen openly selling foodstuff and other commodities right in the middle of the road and walkways, competing with drivers for space.

The situation had resulted in the wanton generation of filth, congestion and choked drains, which are creating a lot of nuisance and inconveniences especially for free flow of vehicular movement in and around the market area.

The Salaga market which serves as a Food market for the people of Ga Mashie in Central Accra presently has no toilet facility, clinic, loading and offloading areas.

The proposed Salaga Market Project which has been abandoned for nearly two years, upon completion will provide 1300 stalls to accommodate traders.

The proposed modern multi-purpose complexes upon completion will also have a car park to ease vehicular traffic.

source: ghanaweb.com

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