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The indiscriminate cutting down of trees in the West Gonja District of the Northern Region especially rosewood has gotten to its head after the loggers cut down the biggest  ‘Tree god’ in the town triggering the fury of traditional authorities.

MyNewsGh.com learnt the god commonly referred to as Chawurakibei, which is the biggest deity or god of the Damongo area, is always the last to be pacified after all other gods have been pacified before Yagbonwura and other chiefs can commence the eating of new yam every year.

The rosewood tree has been there since the inception of Damongo in the days of Ndewura Jakpa, the founder of the Gonja Kingdom and is pacified annually by the Nsawule- wurana of Damongo alongside Ngbaripewura.

A young man of about 36 years, identified as Daudu who resides at Alhassankura, a suburb of Damongo at the dead of the night is reported to have hired the services of a chainsaw  operator to cut down the tree, chopped it into pieces,  packaged it before dawn and sold it to timber merchants who have invaded the area for years now.

The oldest tree of several decades is situated in the middle of a cemetery around Jafo Primary school within Damongo township where late Damongowura’s and other royals are buried, MyNewsGh.com confirmed.

Dauda who contracted loggers to cut down the tree has since been cited for sacrilege and will be arraigned before traditional authorities who may fine him over his conduct and if found guilty could be banished.

Until his case is heard, the Chief Priest disclosed to this portal that   a tree next to the one cut will be used to play the role of the Chawurakibei after some sacrifices are made.


Logging has been a canker in the West Gonja area over the years with the Yagbonwura, Chiefs, the District Assembly making efforts to halt the practice

Source: MyNewsGh.com