The Northern Regional Police Command has warned Voo-Naa Mahamdudu Bawah against going to Nanton following intensified tension in the area.

Youth in the area have been protesting against Mahamudu Bawah as Yaa-Naa choice of Chief for the area.

The decision was greeted with violent protest forcing the National Security Minister to intervene as part of efforts to restore calm in the troubled suburb of the Northern Region.

Savelugu Police Commander D.S.P Twumasi Ankrah in an interview said it is dangerous for the Overlord of Dagbong’s candidate Voo-Naa Mahamudu Bawah to go to Nanton.

“As I’m talking now if Voo-Naa happens to go there his life will be in danger, he’ll be treading on dangerous grounds. The people also have some feeling that the Police want to create a way for the new Nanton-Naa to step foot there, that’s why I’m saying that it’s not reasonable for Voo-Naa to go there. The grounds is very risky at the moment as I’m talking I know we have Police in civil dress on the grounds to give information so as at now we are monitoring the situation on the grounds.

DSP Twuamasi Ankrah added:”The huge number of Police officers there is even going to insense the community so we have to take our time and strategizde and see what we can do and not necessarily putting more men on the ground at this moment.”