Dagbang Forum (DF) congratulates Nyab Yo Naa on his selection. We congratulate our Ya Naa to be, the Committee of Eminent Kings, and above all the Government of Ghana for their brave and unprecedented efforts to bring lasting peace to Dagbang.

News reaching us from Yendi indicates that Nyab Tolon Gbanglana, Nyab Diari Gbanglan and Nyab Parishe Naa (representative of Nyeb Bolin Lana) have gone to congratulate the nominated Ya Naa. This news is incredibly heart-warming. This is really a new day in the annals of Dagbang. We wait anxiously for the formal installation, after which DF urges members to make every effort to attend the formal outdooring. We shall keep you posted on this front.

Moving forward, we wish to urge all citzens of Dagbon to unite behind our new Ya Naa. We thank the two Regents for their courage and dedication to peace in Dagbon. Today heralds victory for all of Dagbang for coming together to perform the funerals of both Yaa Naa Mahamaru Abdulai IV and Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani II. This is a victory for ordinary citizens of Dagbang and we look forward to a united future. The next few months will be very testing for all of us. It is a time when we need to make efforts to build peace, to reconcile, and to build greater trust among ourselves and our people.