A heavy military operation has ended in several Fulani communities at Karaga in the Northern Region with over 20 suspects rounded up.

It comes amidst increasing tensions in Dagbon after a historic announcement of arrangements for the funeral rites of two late chiefs of the Kingdom from the warring Abudu and Andani royal families were made.

Four military trucks and a helicopter carried out the rare operation at villages outside the district capital Wednesday dawn as residents were still asleep.

The troops mounted a mini barrier blocking movement to and from many of the villages inhabited by the nomadic herders.

At Nangun, where the SHS is situated, the soldiers conducted a vigorous house-to-house search as the helicopter hovered overhead, a frightened resident told Starr News.

The military raid followed a meeting last month between top officials of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and locals of the area where the operation was activated, Starr News gathered.

The BNI’s engagement followed intelligence it picked that dozens of suspicious elements had illegally entered the area and were being shielded by their local tribesmen.

Security in the Northern Region have been kept on high alert since the final decision by the Eminent Kings mediating the Dagbon chieftaincy crisis was announced by the Asantehene weeks ago as reports.

The Immediate Family of the late Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani greeted the announcement with an explosive press conference and made public their rejection of the committee’s decision to grant access to the Abudu Family to perform the funeral rites of Naa Mahamadu Abdulai at the old Gbewaa Palace.

An elder in the Nangun community has told Kasapa News residents are frightened and feel intimidated as most of them have not seen helicopter flew so close over their homes.

He said the helicopter hovered around the community many times before landing with more armed troops.

The Karaga Chief Palace has confirmed the military operation. The Palace said the soldiers have evacuated after the operation. The Palace denied the operation was linked to the growing sentiments of insecurity in Dagbon.

The Regent of the area speaking to Starr News said residents have called to inform him about the operation. According to him, many Fulanis were arrested and taken away in a helicopter with a number of weapons seized from them.

The military and the Northern Regional Coordinating Council have said the operation was conducted by the National Security, therefore, not in a position to speak with the press.

Source – Eliasu Tanko