The Andani Family of Dagbon in the Northern Region has described as “shameful and gross moral corruption”, the decision by the Committee of Eminent Chiefs to allow the funeral rites of the late Mahamadu Abdulai to be performed in the Gbewa Palace in Yendi.

At a Press Conference on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 to challenge the decision by the Asantehene-led Committee, the Andani family insisted they will resist any attempt to perform the funeral of the late Mahamadu Abdulai because he died as a private person and at a private location.

The Gbewa Palace which is the seat of Dagbon Chiefs has been the bone of contention between the Abudu and Andani royal gates of Dagbon with the Abudus defending their rights to access the Palace and the Andanis vehemently refusing to allow their brothers access to the palace.

The contention which began some sixteen years ago doesn’t seem it will die off soon. The Committee of Eminent Chiefs which was established by former President John Agyekum Kufuor has decided to allow the Abudus a one week access to perform rituals to climax the funeral of the late Mahamadu Abduali.

Barely one week after the Committee released its decision to have the funeral performed at the palace, sons, daughters, and sympathizers of the Andani family say allowing the Abudus access to the Gbewa Palace will mean defying Dagbon customs and traditions.

The Dagbon customs mandate the shaving of the hairs of wives and children of a late overlord in an inner chamber of the Gbewa Palace known as “kating-doo” where overlords are buried.

The hairs are put on the grave to signify the full traditional requirements, but the long undisclosed ritual is the last straw that always breaks the camel’s back anytime progress is being made in ensuring lasting peace between the two families.

At the press conference addressed by Basharu Dabali, the Andanis revealed:

“The murder of the Yaa Naa was the culmination of a bogged attempt to forcefully evict him from the Gbewa Palace to pave way for performance of the said funeral since he would not have vacated the palace as this was contrary to Dagbon customs and traditions.”

The Andanis said they are sending a strong signal to Government that they are equal to the task should Government decide to employ force to support the Abudu family to perform the funeral in the palace.

“We would like to reiterate very forcefully that we the Andani family shall never under no circumstance allow for the funeral of Mahamadu Abdulai to be performed at the Gbewa Palace. The authority today may opt to apply full force of state power as they have done repeatedly in the past whenever they are in government.”

This ritual, Andanis maintained cannot be allowed because it will signify that the late Mahamadu Abdulai died a Chief.