At least 31 out of the 58-Member Tamale Metropolitan Assembly have signed a petition to impeach the Mayor over disrespect and some financial under-dealings.

In the petition intercepted by Joy News Wednesday, Mohammed Iddrisu Musah Superior is alleged to have issued contracts under dubious means. He is also accused of channelling the Assembly’s “meagre” resources into the salary payment of cronies to the neglect of critical developmental issues.

The petitioners claimed the Assembly under Mr Musah is bankrolling a 61-member taskforce with the sum of ¢9,150 monthly for no work done.

Confirming suspicions of bad blood at the Assembly, the petitioners said the Mayor has been “disregarding and disrespecting Assembly Members.”
The petition is the first major opposition to Mr Musah's leadership since his overwhelming endorsement in March this year, Joy News Northern Regional Correspondent Hashmin Mohammed reported.
He garnered all 58 valid votes cast during his confirmation, representing 100 percent.

But activating Section 20 clause 4(a) of the Local Government Act 2016 (Act 936), the Assembly Members are seeking to pass a vote of no confidence in Mr Superior.
The Act in Section 27 stipulates the processes for passing a vote of no confidence in a District Chief Executive.

The Section in clause 1(d) says the allegations against the DCE will have to be made available to the Assembly’s Public Relations and Complaints Committee for investigation.

After the veracity of the complaints is established, all the Assembly Members will vote to decide the fate of the DCE.

The DCE will then be removed from office when a vote of no confidence is supported by the votes of not less than two-thirds of all the members of the District Assembly.