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Adam was created by God and kept in a garden signifying that, all man needs to survive and stay healthy is the environment.

It is against this backdrop that, a 42-year-old businessman and a 2010 graduate from the University for Development Studies (UDS) with the knowledge in his development studies and a passion for studying natural things, had to delve into natural seed oil extraction.


Sylvester Minyila is now a friend to every pod that a tree or plant can bear not only for the benefits the fruits can provide for our health, but the seed which unknowing to us has a rich natural oil that can treat numerous ailments.

These fruits and pods abound in our environment especially in the northern parts of Ghana.

Mr. Minyila has established some processing plants that extract natural oil from seeds such as Boabab, Pumkin, Pawpaw, Kenef, (Hybiscus), Moringa, sesame oil, Neem oil which is good for insects’ spray and itching skin.

Others are; Neem powder and Baobab fruit powder.

The Boabab tree for instance hitherto unknown to most natives has a lot of benefits. Aside the leaves being used for soup, the dry Boabab fruit powder is used for porridge and TZ.

The seeds are the main component use together with beans, round beans and flour to prepare a local dish call ‘tuunto’ a major meal in the performance of traditional funerals in the Bolgatanga Municipality (BM) (the Gurune speaking area).

The core of the seeds that contain that groundnut like substance is also used for soup especially vegetables but that is mostly during the famine period.

Mr. Minyila stated that, his intention of expanding the venture into a bigger factory.

source: gbcghanaonline.com