A concerned youth group in the Upper West Region has appealed to the President of land, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to reinstate the suspended Regional Minister, Alhassan Sulemana.

The apologetic teaming youth in the region called on the first gentle man of the land to please reinstate their beloved regional minister.

In a press conference held at the new regional library in the Upper West Region, the youth group called on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to factor in the infantile and foetal nature of their region and reinstate the suspended regional Minister, Alhaji Alhassan Sulemana.

The peace seeking group highlighted the injurious nature of the suspension to the smooth administration of the region on the national cake.

Highlighting the need for the government to calm down the mounting pressure, the concerned youth wing pleaded with the government to embrace the regionally endorsed move and bring back their beloved Minister, Alhassan Sulemana.

The multi party youth wing highlighted the euphoria around the appointment of Alhassan Sulemana as one factor to affirm his bond across the entire region.

The massive celebration and universal acceptance from the political fraternity that embraced the appointment of the suspended minister, according to the group, testifies how upper ‘westners’ missed their beloved son. In an explanatory message to the President on what really transpired in the build up to the suspension, the youth group blamed the content of the media reportage for the wrong details fed to the presidency.

“We are of the believe that if the facts were not skewed and the presidency was briefed exactly what transpired, the president would have instead commended the Minister Fot being responsive and acting swiftly to avert a situation that could have triggered chaos and anarchy.

“But we think it is high time the facts are brought to bare and end to put the media speculations, misrepresentation and vilification of the regional Minister by the ill informed for no crime committed”, a section of the document reads.

Upper West is the youngest region in Ghana with limited resources in terms of national cake and to have endured an almost three months dormancy on the political landscape could prove fatal. Deputy regional Minister, Aminu Chinnia has been handed an interim political power to oversee the daily governance of the region.

source: ghanaweb.com

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