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Fear is beginning to grip the camps of all the Aspirants in the Northern Regional Chairmanship race of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) when it has become obvious that one of the aspirants, Mohammed A. Baatima Samba has scooped the trust of both delegates and party faithfuls.

Mohammed Samba who has joined the race for the Northern Regional Chairmanship position of the NPP has kicked the grounds running with positive indications, as many believe he is a sure bet to win the election.

The man who has been one of the bank rollers of the NPP in the region and the youngest among the aspirants is seen in the race as a heavy weight and an unbeaten candidate.

The goodwill he is enjoying from the people is giving headache to other camps who are finding it very tough to even continue a clean campaign hence are resorting to character assassination and vile propaganda against him.

The enthusiasm with which party faithfuls as well as delegates received Mohammed Samba’s progress in the upcoming race to is creating uneasiness in the camps of other aspirants who are uncomfortable with the inroads being made as regards Mohammed Samba’s campaign.

Mohammed A. Baatima Samba is poised to win the contest to provide the exemplary leadership that will connect with the people at the grassroots level.
He has become the most popular and strategic politician in the region and that doesn’t look good for others especially the incumbent.

Speaking to some delegates, they indicated that it will be catastrophic if Mohammed Samba loses the bid since he remains the dependable financier of the party in the region.

Many people in the region liken him to the indefatigable Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP, Chairman Wuntumi.
They however wondered why others aspirants instead of delivering their messages, are busily launching a smear campaign against him.

Interesting information gathered on the grounds indicate that among the aspirants, Mohammed Samba is gaining grounds and he is positioning himself to better manage his campaign strategies that will propel his fortunes at congress.
Delegates spoken to tipped him to win 70% of the votes at Congress to become their chairman.

According to some party supporters, age and weakness has catch up with the incumbent and cannot work hard towards the party’s victory.

For Mohammed Samba himself, to achieve results, a party-government collaboration should not only remain at the top and that when he assumes that position, he would work to achieve massive grassroots mobilization to a level never experienced before in the party.

He said he would work with all the elected executive members to double the size of NPP's membership at the grassroots in the region as part of a membership drive intended to capitalise on the party’s broad appeal.
source: ghanaweb.com