The New Patriotic Party's (NPP) Northern regional Chairman, Daniel Bugri Naabu has summarily deposed the party's chairman for the Tatale-Sanguli constituency.

Kwasi Mpoah was reportedly fired after series of allegations including gross misconduct were leveled against him. Local executives allegedly lodged litany of complaints against the expelled chairman after the party's parliamentary primaries.

The embattled chairman had refused to accept the outcome of the primaries where the sitting Member of Parliament, James Cecil Yanwube, was heavily defeated by a businessman, Thomas Mbomba.

The chairman reportedly disregarded the party's constitution by supporting the incumbent MP who broke away to stand as independent candidate after losing the primaries.

He has been accused of refusing to take part in party businesses in the constituency and rendering the party ineffective.

Speaking to Starr News, Bugri Naabu, also known as chairman 'bulldozer' said the party was forced to arrive at the decision after several talks to get the local executive appropriately conduct himself failed.

"For the past six months, he is not being calling for meeting, he is not being doing any work for the party; he is rather working for an independent candidate in Tatale but when there is a meeting in the party's headquarters in Tamale, he would come and sit there but when goes back, he doesn't work for the party.

"So the constituency executives wrote to us, so we are asking him, to not to have anything to do with the party again. He has left to work for another person, how do we allow you to come and listen to our meeting but when something comes, you won't take part", Mr. Naabu wondered.

The development has erupted fresh crisis within the party as the disgruntled Member of Parliament and the sacked chairman have reportedly refused to handover party documents.

The expelled chairman was said to have challenged his dismissal and has since refused to leave the seat for the constituency Vice chair, Mr. Bintim to take charge.

Meanwhile, the MP is said to be holding campaign rallies under the party's name and telling constituents to vote for Nana Addo, the party's presidentail candidate.

source: ghanaweb.com