Undaglow Company Limited has in partnership with the Aliu Mahama Foundation, began disinfection of various worship centres, that has served as places of spiritual intercessions for believers.

In light of the easing of the restrictions and the directive to fumigate religious facilities before use, Undaglow Pest Control and Fumigation Services a subsidiary of the Undaglow Group has intervened to create a healthy and safe environment for believers to worship in secured spiritual centers.

Today, a host of Mosques were fumigated including the Abelenkpe Mosque, Cantonment Police Mosque and Darasalam Mosque. The following days will witness a comprehensive fumigation exercise in major churches and mosques in Greater Accra.

The exercise forms part of Undaglow’s Social Empowerment drive and efforts to ensure the worship centers are disease and virus-free so they can be opened to the general public with strict protocols.

Chief Executive Officer of Undaglow Company Limited, Mr Fayad Mahama in an interaction with the media opined that the company understands the exigencies of the times that the country is in, and has positioned itself to support each step of the way until the fight against the pandemic is won.

“We know what time it is in our beloved country. These are difficult moments and we have no choice but to come all out to support the government and the Ghana Health Service win this battle. We will go the long haul to lend our support in whatever way we can because we know we’re in this together.”

Mr. Fayad “We all want to see our country return to normalcy. We want to see our people go back to their jobs. We want to see our economy take shape and we want to see our people strong and healthy. As a company, we’re more than optimistic that the country shall win this fight.”

He added that the company looks forward to partners and sponsors coming on board to extend the exercise on a national scale

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