A two-months-old baby was found abandoned at the Gumani forest in the Tamale metropolis.

According to an eyewitness, the baby was found in a polythene bag. The Social Welfare Department and the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit in Tamale have confirmed the report.

The police say the baby has been taken to the Tamale children’s home for care while they investigate the matter.

It is not the first time that babies have been abandoned at forests in Tamale.

The practice has become a perennial affair. Teenage pregnancies are on the increase in the metropolis, while poverty reigns among these teenagers.

The mayor of Tamale recently started evicting people from forests in the metropolis saying they have become havens for criminal activities.

The mayor has also set a deadline for children not to be seen after 10pm. This is to prevent crime and child abuse.


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